Men’s Counselling Services

Getting the Help You Need Should be Easier

Losing those close to you because of behaviours or choices you have made in your relationships can be scary. Your family relies on you to keep them safe, but they don’t always feel safe with you. It is a real possibility that your marriage or serious relationship could end. You want intimacy and closeness, but your frustration is growing as things seem to not work out for you. You may have behaved abusively or had problems with managing your emotions or anger and now you don’t know what to do next.

How We Help

The Men’s Counselling Services can help with these relationship challenges. If you feel it is time to get support, we are here to help – and if you are on this page, you are on a good path. Safety is a foundation of any intimate relationship. Healthy, intimate (or close) relationships require safety, honesty, trust, and open communication. Our counsellors work with you to explore your concerns about your behaviour in your intimate relationships or any other area where you feel you have problems with anger management. We create a non-judgemental and supportive working relationship to explore concerns and create and implement solutions that change behaviour. Dignity and respect are key principles underlying all our work.

How it works

You can call 1-833-327-MENS (6367) or 403-299-9680 to book a consultation today. One of our skilled and trained counsellors can help answer your questions and support you in accessing the right services to help you with your unique challenges. If this counselling service is not right for you, we can connect you with other resources that may be better aligned with your needs.

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Call 1-833-327-MENS (6367) or 403-299-9680 today to start the conversation.