About Us

A more helpful conversation with men, for men.

Men & is an online resource that offers trusted, accessible support, information and resources for the complex mental and relational health challenges men face.


We knew the world didn’t need just another website, so we gathered our most respected colleagues, experts and visionaries and started designing Men &.


A world where men’s emotional, mental, and relational wellbeing is bravely supported in community.


We help men transform their pain and live more connected, healthy and purposeful lives.

We Do This Through:



We curate and create useful tools, interactive content, and experiences to support men’s learning, healing and relationships.



We promote access to a network of qualified agencies, professionals and support through our 24 hour talk and text line, an evolving network of partners and expert service providers, and Indigenous cultural programming to make sure that men can find whatever level of information and support the way they want – anytime they want.



We host a community of practice, offer education, training and consulting to professional helpers, non-profit organizations and corporations working to engage men for mental health, relational wellbeing and positive manhood.


We welcome everyone.

We do the work to transform our pain and grow to be better together.

We challenge injustice, hate, and violence.

What is Men &

Men & is a formal partnership between The Men & Project social enterprise and FearIsNotLove. We teamed up to offer a trusted resource and support for men to build their relational and mental health.


We offer evidence-based, accessible support, information and resources for the complex mental and relational challenges men face.


We are supported by subject matter experts, editorial advisors and community advisory groups. If you are interested in participating as an advisory, subject matter expert etc. please get in touch!

Men's Resource Line


Call 1-833-327-MENS (6367) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for help and support from one of our skilled and trained counsellors.


Community of Practice


The Community of Practice focuses on practices, tools and interventions that support healing, recovery and nonviolence.


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Check out our latest merchandise and apparel, all benefiting the initiatives of Men &


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Who is Men &

Project Leadership

Dr. Jeff St. John, PHD

Co-Founder & Strategic Leadership, Men &

Kim Ruse, MSW

CEO, FearIsNotLove, Men’s Resource Line, Men’s Counselling Service

David Turner

Director of Indigenous Engagement, Cultural Helpers Initiative

Media Partners

Chris Milton

CEO, 323 Media

Josh Hundal

Editor-in-Chief, 323 Media

Rob Kelly

Kelly Brothers Productions

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