About Us


A future where boys’ and men’s emotional, mental, and relational wellbeing is bravely supported.


To transform communities by promoting mental and relational health and connecting men with the information, tools, and support they need to heal their pain and cause less harm to themselves and others.

What is Men &?

Men & is an online resource that offers trusted, accessible support, information and resources for the complex mental and relational health challenges men face. 

We knew the world didn’t need just another website, so we gathered our most respected colleagues, experts and visionaries and started designing Men &.

Men & is:
  • an invitation for men to heal, grow and be their best for themselves, their families and their communities.
  • a movement of people mainstreaming a more helpful conversation on men, for men.
  • committed to supporting men’s mental, relational and emotional wellbeing and reducing the harm men cause to themselves and others
  • a digital resource offering engaging content, tools and strategies and partnering with a 24-hour chat and Mensline to make sure that men can find whatever level of information and support the way they want – anytime they want.
  • a network of qualified agencies, professionals and support.
  • a community of compassionate, wise and skilled professionals, community members and advisors.
Our curated collection of engaging content and trusted tools streamlines access to a network of resources, care and community that supports the evolution of practices that understand and support men better.


We believe that nobody should feel alone in their pain and looking for help should not carry the risk of further judgment. Support for the complex challenges of men’s mental and relational health should be trustworthy, easy to find, and accessible.

We understand what it is like to feel like you are seen as the problem or to feel like your own hurt has caused harm to those you love. We know what it’s like to feel alone in your pain and not know where to start. So, after decades of supporting men, we pulled together information and experts from all backgrounds and experiences to build a trusted online resource and a network of men’s community-based services that support healing and wellbeing.

We make it easy for you to read, watch and listen to engaging, trustworthy content and connect with resources, support and community to keep you on the right path. In addition to continually providing great content, we are ready to talk when you are and connect you with people in your area who are working towards healthy ways of being a man.

24 Hours – 7 Days a Week Mensline – 1-833-327-MENS (6367)

Who Is Men &?

Men & is powered by the Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter, The Bluerock Project, and Next Gen Men, with support from community agencies, stakeholders and grassroots advisory groups.

Together, we asked how to bravely support men’s mental and relational health so they can transform their pain and cause less harm to themselves and others. Over several years of ethnographic research, focus groups, consultations and study, we discovered that something significant needed to change with respect to what information and support are available for men who need it.

We help men grow awareness about how they’re showing up in the world, make sense of how they got here, ask better questions about who they want to be and then support them in taking the right steps to be better for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Men & works hard to talk about the complex world of men’s mental and relational health in ways that men talk about it so they don’t keep finding dead ends when they’re ready to look for help.

3 Strategic Objectives


To offer articles, tools and resources to men who are concerned with their mental, relational, and behavioural wellbeing, and to engage them in meaningful ways to support their journey towards feeling less pain and causing less harm to themselves and others.

Access to Tools, Resources, and Support

Men & is streamlining access to various supports by partnering with key resources to offer a 24-hour Mensline, with strong relationships with agencies and service providers across Alberta and beyond. In addition to partnering with the Men’s Counselling Service, the Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter, Next Gen Men and others, we are building a network of professional and community partners across Alberta that believe in our initiative and support the goals of Men &.

Inquiry to better understand men

Rooted in ongoing inquiry, our aim is to learn more about how men talk about their concerns and seek help. We want to learn how we can better engage men in getting the tools, resources, and support they need to heal, learn, and grow lives and relationships that are healthy and positive.

How to Get Involved

Join an advisory group

Submit an article, podcast episode or other content to be on Men &

Participate in our Community of Inquiry and Practice

Our People

Project Leadership

Dr. Jeff St. John, PhD
CEO, The Bluerock Project
Co-founder & Director, Men &

Jake Stika
Executive Director, Next Gen Men
Strategic Partner, Men &

Kim Ruse, MSW
CEO, Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter
Fiscal Lead and Strategic Partner, Men &

Editorial Advisors

Dr. Allan Wade, PhD
Centre for Response-Based Practice

Dr. Peter Jamieson
Medical Director, Foothills Hospital

Gillian Weaver-Dunlop, MSW
Director of Client Services, Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter

Community Advisors and Advisory Group Chairs

David Turner
Senior Associate, First Peoples Group
Chair, Indigenous Advisory Group, Men &

Thor Ewenin
Indigenous Cultural Liaison, Men &

Jasim al-Mousawi, MA, MC, PhD (c)
Mental Health Therapist, Traumatologist
Chair, Ethnocultural Advisory Group, Men &

Ralph Crane, MSW
Elder and Advisor

David Sannes, MA
Manager, Men’s Counselling Service, CWES

Digital and Content Strategy Partners

Rob Kelly
Kelly Brothers Productions

Chris Milton
CEO, 323 Media

Josh Hundal
Editor-in-Chief, 323 Media

Men & has been made possible through the vision and generosity of the Calgary Foundation.