Men & Masculinity

Life is always evolving

We are hardwired to adapt and grow. Sometimes we don’t do it in ways that are healthy and positive. Our earliest responses become our core strategies and those don’t always serve us well as we age. That’s why we support men doing their work and evolving themselves.

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Men & Joy

Joy is a deep feeling of contentment, satisfaction, and/or appreciation of the things that mean the most to us — which isn’t necessarily attainment (the promotion) or material things (the new toys). It’s also not something we ‘attain’ and then it’s just there...

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Men and… telling it like it is!

Article 1 in a short series.

We live in a world of constant “spin”. Thanks to social media, there are many new ways to cover up the truth and deceive others for political reasons or personal gain. Or for no reason at all, just by passing on the lies and half-truths that have become accepted. Sometimes too, the blunt truth feels uncomfortable, so people may speak in ways that “water down” the truth.