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Men & Grief – What exactly is Grief?

Throughout this series, we’ll examine some strategies to cope with grief in a healthy and healing way, as well as other related topics.

Grief is the very normal and natural reaction we all have when we lose someone or something that we love. People sometimes assume you only experience grief when someone you know has died. In fact, grief is usually felt when we lose anything (person, marriage, pet, relationship, job, our health, etc.) that was significant and meaningful in our life.

Men and… telling it like it is!

Article 1 in a short series.

We live in a world of constant “spin”. Thanks to social media, there are many new ways to cover up the truth and deceive others for political reasons or personal gain. Or for no reason at all, just by passing on the lies and half-truths that have become accepted. Sometimes too, the blunt truth feels uncomfortable, so people may speak in ways that “water down” the truth.

How to spot (and address) Abuse in Relationships

Abuse is defined as the use of violence, disrespect, cruelty, hurt, or force against another person. Abuse in a relationship occurs when someone mistreats their partner in any of these ways. Abuse in a relationship can take many forms, including physical, sexual,...

The Many Emotional Benefits of Pet Ownership

Human-animal relationships are extremely strong and there's no denying that pets and mental health go hand-in-hand. According to a Harris poll from 2015, 95% of pet owners, regardless of their age, consider their animal to be a family member. Pets bring joy to...

“You’re a good man.”

“You’re a good man.” Feels good just reading it, doesn’t it?  Men of every generation and walk of life have wanted to hear those words and live up to them. But what do they really mean? When it comes to being a good man, the key word is “being”. “No man is an...

Looking For Ways to be a Better Husband?

There is no magic elixir or checklist that can turn any man into the ideal husband. That being said, there are always things that can be done to form a stronger bond with your partner. Three important aspects of a successful relationship Commitment Commitment...

The Calgary Counselling Centre’s Mission

Helping people thrive despite the challenges they face in life has been the mission of the Calgary Counselling Centre since 1962. While the Centre assists all people with various mental health issues, it also offers one of the very few services in the city that...