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Don’t Avoid The Maintenance Your Body Needs

Death is scary as hell.

We’re all going to die one day, but chances are that not many of us are excited about it. Sometimes it’s easier to just hope for the best; sometimes it’s easier to not think about it at all.

As men, what do we do when we’re faced with something that’s hard to understand? What about when it’s hard to see how we can do anything about it?

The Caring Dads program was a lifesaver for Jeff

The group intervention program for men who have abused, neglected or exposed their children to domestic violence literally changed Jeff’s life. “I had general anger issues prior to it. I was looking for something to keep checking in weekly with somebody to just...

Community – Next Gen Men

Next Gen Men’s mission is to change how the world sees, acts and thinks about masculinity. Jake Stika, the organization’s Executive Director based in Vancouver, says the Canadian non-profit “is working towards a future where boys and men feel less pain and cause...

Find Your Online Community

We can be surrounded by people all day and still feel that bitter isolation.  Loneliness is a creeping, crawling feeling that can sneak up on you, while you’re grabbing your morning coffee, sitting at a red light, during a mid-dinner conversation or late at...

Men, Loneliness, and Relationships

“How have you been?” “I don’t even know how to explain.” “Oh? What do you mean?” My friend Greg and I periodically have conversations like this. I can generally tell when something is up.  “People only call me when they need something from me,” he said,...

The Joy of Sharing the Road (and the Load)

You’re stressed.  Paying bills, working, and all the household and personal responsibilities you carry can be exhausting. Add children into the mix and it is another level of complicated and not how you thought you would spend your life. Working, driving,...