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Men & Safe at Home

Safe at Home, a four-year pilot project located in Claresholm that opened its doors in March 2021, is a first-of-its-kind program in a rural setting that helps tackle the problems of domestic abuse and violence. “The program tends to end the cycle of violence and...

Men’s Lifestyle Choices and Depression

Depression can affect anyone, including men.    It looks and feels different to every person who struggles with it.    When you’re depressed, you might lack motivation or interest in things, feel sad and struggle to see the positives, or have difficulty...

Men & Joy

Joy is a deep feeling of contentment, satisfaction, and/or appreciation of the things that mean the most to us — which isn’t necessarily attainment (the promotion) or material things (the new toys). It’s also not something we ‘attain’ and then it’s just there...

Yes, you CAN manage your anxiety

He feels his heart racing. His breathing is shallow, quickening as he sits in discomfort. He sits on the couch, a lump growing in his throat. A million thoughts are running through his head. He can’t pin one down; it’s like looking through a car window while...

How to Apologize to Someone You Hurt

We all make mistakes. They don’t make you a bad person; it only makes you human.    Even though mistakes, mishaps and accidents happen all the time, apologies are still difficult. It’s hard to own up to hurting someone else.   Regardless, apologies are...

Men & Grief – Surviving the Holidays

Throughout this series, we’ll examine some strategies to cope with grief in a healthy and healing way, as well as other related topics. Click here to read the first article, which begins to explain how we can define and manage grief, along with some common...

Men & Grief – What exactly is Grief?

Throughout this series, we’ll examine some strategies to cope with grief in a healthy and healing way, as well as other related topics.

Grief is the very normal and natural reaction we all have when we lose someone or something that we love. People sometimes assume you only experience grief when someone you know has died. In fact, grief is usually felt when we lose anything (person, marriage, pet, relationship, job, our health, etc.) that was significant and meaningful in our life.

Men and… telling it like it is!

Article 1 in a short series.

We live in a world of constant “spin”. Thanks to social media, there are many new ways to cover up the truth and deceive others for political reasons or personal gain. Or for no reason at all, just by passing on the lies and half-truths that have become accepted. Sometimes too, the blunt truth feels uncomfortable, so people may speak in ways that “water down” the truth.