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Men & is a community of people committed to supporting men’s mental, emotional and relational wellbeing. We have some formal ways of offering access to our growing knowledge and practice base.


If you are a practicing mental health therapist, psychologist, clinical social worker or a clinically trained professional working to engage men in mental health and relational wellbeing, please consider joining our Community of Practice.

Men & Community of Practice, Training and Consulting

Are you a therapist working with men?


Join the Men & Community of Practice


Our Community of Practice is a community of diverse, clinically trained professionals working with men. Through the Men & Community of Practice, professionals support, challenge, and inspire one another by sharing information and expertise and co-developing our practice.


The Community of Practice offers a blend of online community, in person learning knowledge sharing and learning events.


We encourage you to share your knowledge, ask questions, participate in discussions and become an integral part of this community.


When you join the Community of Practice, you will have access to

  • Curated Learning Events
  • An online hub supporting connection, best practices and knowledge sharing
  • A community of professionals engaging men in healing
  • Connections and information to deepen your understanding of effective engagement, help-seeking patterns and diverse cultural practices
Speaking, Training and Consulting


Are you an organization, or community group working to engage men for mental health and relational wellbeing?


We work with nonprofit organizations developing engagement strategies and corporations with male dominated workforces looking to provide resources for mental health and relational wellbeing. We offer training and support on the unique elements of engaging men, working with power and violence in relationships, the use of language and descriptions of power and dynamics in intimate relationships, engaged fatherhood, trauma and response based practice.


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